Vladimir Kramnik:"Playing at home helps Shakhriyar Mamedyarov a lot".
The winner of the last World Cup, former world champion, Vladimir Kramnik has stopped his participation in this tournament. The russian grandmaster was eliminated in the 1/16 final stage of the tournament by his compatriot Dmitriy Andreikin. Kramnik shared his thoughts about the match: "Until now nobody managed to win the World Cup twice in a row and of course I wanted to do it. Unfortunately, I failed in achieving this - the competition is very tough here. Every day a very hard match awaits you and you need to win in the classical match to actually get a rest day. Can you imagine, players like Gata Kamsky, Boris Gelfand were elimited in their first matches? Overall, Andreikin is an not a good opponent for me - he always plays very well against me. I think, our overall score is not very big, but it is not in my favour. We made two draws in the classical match and Dmitriy was stronger in the rapid games".

Interesting fact is that in his 2013 final (in the last World Cup), Kramnik played Andreikin as well and managed to win. Of course, every other encounter with Andreikin is a battle for him now: "I won the match two years ago, this time I lost in a tiebreak. I would not say that this is a kind of a revenge. In any case I wish all the best to my opponent".

Speaking about the possible winner of the tournament, Kramnik retained from any forecasts:"There are many matches ahead, this is very hard to say now who will reach the final, everyone wants to do it, we need to wait until semifinals. I would like to note Shakhriyar Mamedyarov play - he plays very well. I think the fact that he plays at home helps him a lot."

Speaking about the accommodation, Kramnik said that he feels himself very well in Azerbaijan: "There is nothing to comment regarding the accommodation and organization - everything is on a highest level. All the attention is drawn to the World Cup, sometimes we miss some details. For example, I was told that during the lunch, there are two types of cuising we can try - european and local, while I never noticed that, because I was so concetrated on my preperation. It was a bit hard for me to get up early due to the time difference between European time and Baku time. I had the same issue in Shamkir, where I could not get up early in the morning beause of this".

"When I have some free time I prefer to take a walk for an hour or two. I would like to watch some soccer, but it I it did not worked out. I watch russian team in the Eurocups and, of course, "Barcelona" matches. I am a fan of this team. I remember, in 2002 or 2003 I watched the game in their stadium and it was the first game of Messi for the team. He played very interestingly and he drawn my attention since then. He is a really great player, a team leader".

World Cup 2015 Press service.