Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: "I would really want Sergey Karjakin to win this World Cup" After losing his match to Sergey Karjakin, Azerbaijani grandmaster, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov agreed to have a short interview with the Press service:
It is almost two days passed since your loss to Sergey Karjakin, are you still tired or...
I would not say so. I prepared very well for the 1/4 final stage. It would not be correct to say that I left the tournament because I got tired and lost. There were two equal chess players playing the tiebreak and as you know Sergey is the 2012 rapid chess world champion, while I got this title in 2013. In this tournament one of us had to be eliminated. It is a pity that I had to be this person.
Do you think you should have decided the match in the classical games?
I had a big edge in the first classical game. There were several opportunities to win that game and it is very unlikely that I failed to do so. In the second game both of us played very cautiously and the game was drawn. Probably, I should have not moved to the tiebreaks at the end, but nobody knows the result before the match...As I said many times, there are no weak players here and every game can become the last one. For me it was the 1/4 final stage.

What is your overall score with Karjakin?

I checked that after the tiebreak. Can you imagine, in all types of chess - classical and rapid, the score is in my favour. Just I do not play successfully with Sergey in World Cups - in 2009 I lost to him in 1/4 final stage and here again I am eliminated in the same stage.

So the luck is not on your side?

I would not connect this result with luck. Karjakin is a very strong chess player. We know each other very well. I had an advantage in the first game, but I could not use it, the same happened in the first rapid game. The ten-minutes game was close to a draw, but I simply forgot about the time and it expired. I made several mistake in the second and last game, I just tried to move further...I felt great responsibility playing in the Baku World Cup 2015 and tried to do my best here.

How would you evaluate your performance here?

This World Cup was the strongest of all, only Magnus Carlsen and Vishvanatan Anand were absent. I am satisfied with my performance, I won iranian chess player Pouya Idani in the first round with 1.5-0.5, in the next match I probably could finish the match in classical games as well, just did not wanted to risk, I had some chances to win Hou Yifan, but decided to move to the tiebreaks. I won Sethuraman in the first game and drew the second, though the score could be 2-0. I think, I managed to show a great result winning Fabiano Caruano in the main time. I think I played quite well, my rating has increased by 9 points.

What did your father Gamid said after your loss to Karjakin?

He tried to encourage me, he said that I played very well and I need to study and work on chess more. Of course, he was worried about me during the tournament.

Whom would you like to see as a winner of this tournament?

I have good relations will all players playing in the semifinals, I know Pavel Eljanov very well as well as Karjakin. Sergey is my good friend and I would like to wish him to win this World Cup.

All the parcipants were happy with the tournament's organization and accommodation, what are your thoughts about this?

The World Cup was held at the highest level. I think, everyone remember the recent World Cup in Tromso. We cannot even compare our accommodation with the one chess players had in Norway. Now all chess players are waiting for the Chess Olympiad, which will be held in Baku in 2016. 

This was the last chance to get a ticket to the Candidates Tournament, which means there would be no place for Azerbaijani players...

My main goal was to get a place in this tournament. In the last three tournaments, our chess players were represented and I would really wish the same for the next Candidates Tournament. I believe, I could should a good result there, unfortunately, I failed to gain a place there. But it is still uknown where the tournament will be held. If it will be Azerbaijan, then one of our players can get a wild card in this tournament. I would really like to thank all the fans who were coming to the World Cup and supporting us. During the 1/8th and 1/4th final stages the venue was full of spectators. It was really nice to see so many people before the game. People love chess in Azerbaijan, but still it was a surprise that so many people came on holidays to watch chess. I really want to thank everyone for this. I really tried to play my best and show my best result for the enjoyment of all spectators.