Petr Svidler: "This is the last chance in my career."
The first finalist of the Baku World Cup 2015 had an interview with the Press service today. Petr said that the final match will be very hard:"The final will be very tough, it is not that important who will be my opponent - both Pavel Eljanov and Sergey Karjakin are very strong. I have prepared to play against Sergey - he showed some really good play here in Baku. He is in good shape. It will be a tough match for both of us , though we already got the tickets to the Candidates tournament. This is very important for me, I am not that young anymore and I will not be able to play strong all the time, In any case, I am very happy that I got another chance to participate in the battle for the chess crown. This is probably my last chance of that kind."

Svidler will play white in the first final match game and the players will play four classical games. As usually, if the match will be drawn in the main time, the winner will be defined at the tiebreak. Petr Svidler says that the match will be equal:"There are no favourites in the tournaments like the World Cup. I need to be thoughtful and careful in the final match. The match will be interesting for the spectators as we both really want to win this tournament.
Petr Svidler admired the high level of organization of the World Cup:"The World Cup was very interesting. The organizers have noted all the small details, the accommodation is very good. The attitude towards the players was simply great. Of course, chess players may not notice some things, but the playing hall and all the facilities are simply great. I believe, that the Chess Olympiad will be held at the highest level as well, though I still do not know if I will participate in this event. The competition in Russia is fierce, so I do not know, but if I get the invite to play for the team, I will accept it".
Baku World Cup Press service.