Sergey Karjakin: "No way back!".

Sergey Karjakin taled about his win in semifinal against Ukrainian grandmaster Pavel Eljanov:"My match with Eljanov lasted for three days. Maybe that is because we know each other very well. There were many tough moments on the tiebreak, several times my opponent had an advantage in the games and I tried not to lose hope and play until the end. I managed to do so and pass to the final and secure my ticket to the Candidates Tournament".

Sergey also spoke about his final match: "There is no way back and of course both of us want to win the Cup.One of us should leave and it is very important not to rush. My wife in Moscow is watching this tournament and I am trying very hard to win".

Karjakin mentioned the level of organization of the World Cup 2015:"It is very hard to surprise me here in Baku because I have been several times in Azerbaijan, but this time the hotel was simply fantastic. Baku changes every year. I can say only positive thing regarding the organizers. I believe, the upcoming Olympiad will stay in history as the best in terms of accommodation and organization".

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