Mamedyarov's post-match interview

1/64th stage of the Baku World Cup 2015 is about to end. Azerbaijani grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov made a draw with Iranian player Idani Puya, finishing the match with overall result 1.5 to 0.5. During the press conference after the game, Mamedyarov answered to journalists’ questions: “It was easier to play today after my victory yesterday. The draw was enough for me today and I tried to build my play towards this goal. If it was a different tournament, I would play for a win, but I did not want to risk as there is no difference between winning 2-0 and 1.5-0.5 and I do not think about my rating points in this tournament.

Mamedyarov also mentioned the results of other local players: “Yesterday everything went so unpredictable, Vasifs’ game looked like a draw and it did not seemed to me that Rauf or Gadir will win, because the positions were not favorable for them. On the other hand, I thought that Teymur and Eltaj will win – their positions were very promising, but later everything changed unexpectedly. In general, there were many unexpected results, for example, like in Gelfand’s match – one wrong move spoiled everything.

Mamedyarov answered to the question if he would prefer to play Leitao or Hou Yifan in the next stage: “If it was my choice I would prefer to play the one who lost this match (laughing),but this is not possible, I will play with the winner and both of these players are very strong. One is a women’s world champion and the other one is an experienced World Cups participant. I will try to have a good rest and prepare for my second round match.

 “The World Cup is a very specific tournament. I ll just bring one fact to the table – in 2001 Anand has become the world champion in a similar event, but he lost his first game with white to the lowest rated player in the whole competition. My rating went down a bit recently and as I result I played with a grandmaster in the first match and he was not a weak player. Every game is hard here. It is possible that a relatively unknown player wins this tournament.”

Mamedyarov also mentioned regarding the pros and cons of playing a home tournament: “It is very nice to play in your own city. Just one thing – you look at the local cuisine and understand how good is to play in your home country. The opposite side is that everyone expects a success from you. Some people asked me today why I have not won (laughing). In recent times, I do not play very well at home, but I will try to overcome this tendency."

Baku World Cup 2015 Press service.