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"My Recipe? I Don't Have Any!"

World Cup, the final match: Sergey Karjakin equalises the score after losing 0-2

Some unbelievable events have been taking place in the final of the FIDE World Cup. Peter Svidler led the four-game match against Sergey Karjakin 2-0, yet he failed to gain the winning half a point, and Karjakin leveled the score to extend the World Cup.

From the very opening of today's game, Svidler's play was unconfident. White got a comfortable advantage in the position without queens - anyone wishing to win would only dream to have it. It might have seemed Karjakin let the advantage slip away after the 18th move, but it was far not that simple. Black simply got no counterplay, while defending by just hanging about is pretty difficult. Svidler missed the last chance to prolong the resistance by his 44th move (he had to play 44...d5!). Thus, someone who had been "buried" two days ago, confidently converted his advantage into a full point.  

Karjakin: "The game floated between me having considerable advantage and him defending persistently. The chances to convert it were even: 50/50. Only several moves before Peter's resignation, I fully realized that I was winning."

"If I am not mistaken, this is my fourth win on demand in this competition. What is my recipe? I don't have any. That's the trick - instead of having a recipe and thinking about the tournament situation, you just play chess and make moves demanded by the position..."