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Baku World Cup Final, 3: Svidler returns the gift The fat lady was about to burst into song when Peter Svidler returned Sergey Karjakin’s gift from the day before and blundered twice in a row to turn a won position into a lost one. That sudden reversal still leaves Svidler needing only a draw to win the 2015 World Cup, but Karjakin’s task of winning on demand with the white pieces tomorrow and prevailing in tiebreaks suddenly looks far more doable. Once again we have analysis by both the winner and chess24’s Jan Gustafsson. 2015-10-03 more
Not Over Yet: Karjakin Extends World Cup After Svidler Blunder With qualification for the 2016 Candidates Tournament already secured via their semifinal wins, you might expect the dramatic moments to ebb in the 2015 World Cup finals meeting between GMs Peter Svidler and Sergey Karjakin. 2015-10-03 more
Baku Final G3: Svidler blunders, Karjakin wins After getting crushed in game one of the World Cup final, and blundering badly in game two, Sergey Karjakin was a hair's breath away from booking his ticket back home. But then in a very promising position (move 28) Peter Svidler blundered and Sergey was able to clinch game three. The score is now 1:2, and in the must-win game four he has white. Game three report. 2015-10-03 more
Baku World Cup Final, Game 2: Karjakin calamity Peter Svidler is on the brink of winning the 2015 World Cup after Sergey Karjakin spent 36 moves pressing for a win before committing two calamitous blunders in a row. When the dust had settled Karjakin had no choice but to resign and will now have to win the next two games to have any chance of raising the World Cup trophy in Baku. Svidler knows a single draw either tomorrow or on Sunday will make him a two-time World Cup winner. 2015-10-03 more
Baku Finals g2: Massive Blunders It started out as a classical struggle between titans. Long things with calculations, backed by positional prowess. Karjakin played his typical 1.e4, while Svidler contended with the solid Breyer defense in the Spanish. Svidler was doing an excellent job of holding on, Karjakin couldn't find a way through. It all seemed headed to a draw... when Karjakin blundered horribly... twice! 2015-10-02 more
FIDE World Cup: Is It Over? Not Yet! Peter Svidler: "I didn't deserve to lose, but I haven't done anything to win" The final of the FIDE World Cup is a one-sided game so far. After yesterday's loss, Sergey Karjakin decided to play for a win straightaway, but an attempt to avoid a draw played a malicious trick on him. 2015-10-02 more
Baku Final: Svidler versus Karjakin! It’s an all-Russian finale in Baku which promises to be extremely well matched. In this article we try to dissect the two finalists with regards to their previous encounters, style of play and opening choices. An extra US $40,000 and the Word Cup title are at stake. We bring you analysis, predictions and, as an extra, a video of Peter Svidler trying out his second favourite sport! 2015-10-01 more
IT IS HARD TO REPEAT SOMETHING LIKE THIS The World Chess Cup under way in Baku brings together the strongest grandmasters of the world. Veselin Topalov, Vladimir Kramnik, Sergey Karjakin, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Boris Gelfand, Peter Svidler, Levon Aronyan and many others have come to Baku. After all, World Cup finalists will have the opportunity to play in the candidates tournament for the chess crown. Overall, the tournament, which runs from 11 September to 5 October, involves a total of 128 players. 2015-09-29 more
Baku World Cup, SF2: Svidler! 2011 World Cup winner Peter Svidler has made it into his third Candidates Tournament in a row and, as a bonus, the 2015 World Cup final, after holding Anish Giri to a draw in their second semifinal game. His opponent in the final is not yet known, since Sergey Karjakin offered a draw with White on move 14 for the second match in a row to take his battle against Pavel Eljanov to tiebreaks tomorrow. 2015-09-29 more