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Baku 5.2: Eljanov, Giri advance It's the end of the road for the last 2800 remaining in the tournament: Nakamura was simply unable to create any real chances to win against Eljanov today and he gracefully exited the tournament. The Ukrainian is the lowest rated player still alive, but is only one of two people already in the semis. The other is Giri, who managed to outplay MVL in a long endgame. 2015-09-25 more
Anish Giri: "Vachier-Lagrave Punished Himself" Two out of four semi-finalists have been decided in the classical games of the World Cup. Anish Giri joined Pavel Eljanov who won his match against Hikaru Nakamura. Dutch GM's opponent was Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. 2015-09-25 more
Eljanov, Giri Through To Semis; 2 Tiebreaks Tomorrow Eljanov had won several of his early matches 2-0, but today practicality was needed. His split point with the world number-two after 43 moves and neither player wavering too far from stasis. 2015-09-24 more
Pavel Eljanov: "Nakamura Started Thinking When It Was Already Too Late" The author of the only decisive game in the round gave Chess-News a commentary. According to the Ukrainian GM it was hard to guess his opponent's opening choice, "while preparing something new for every opening is really hard. That's why I stuck to the variation from my usual repertory - the one I had prepared." "...Perhaps, I knew a little more than Hikaru. Quite surprisingly he spent around fifteen minutes after I played 10.Bg5. Probably, he was choosing between different variations, because there have been played thousands of games with the similar positions. Most likely he was unsure of his preparation. 12.Qc1 surprised him, because it really is a rare move. Then he played pretty quickly, although at some point it was better for him to spend some time on thinking." 2015-09-24 more
Baku World Cup, 4.3: Wei Yi wins thriller 16-year-old Chinese prodigy Wei Yi is in the quarterfinals of the 2015 World Cup after Ding Liren missed a great chance before losing in the second 10-minute tiebreak game. The other Round 4 tiebreak clashes were over in just two 25-minute rapid games, with Anish Giri shrugging off a time penalty to beat Radek Wojtaszek, Pavel Eljanov winning a tight match against Dmitry Jakovenko and Sergey Karjakin crashing through in style against Dmitry Andreikin. 2015-09-23 more
Baku 5.1: Eljanov! The man seems to be unstoppable. After winning his first six classical games and cruising through the first three rounds, he managed to eliminate Jakovenko in in the tie-breaks. And now Eljanov is going for even further glory: he was involved in the only decisive game of the day as he took down World #2 Nakamura. Eljanov is half a point away from the semi-finals. 2015-09-23 more
"At This Moment I Became Quiet As a Mouse and Humbler Than the Dust..." How Karjakin Eliminated Andreikin "I have such a bad score against Andreikin in rapid and blitz as well as in classical games that I took the tiebreak pretty calmly, - the winner told Chess-News after everything had been over. - Although seriously speaking, I think I am not bad in rapid so it wasn't my ultimate goal to defeat him in classical games. He didn't play for a win in the first classical clash, and I tried to push a little in the return game but he played very accurately. Thus, the equal score was logical." 2015-09-23 more
"The Fruits From Our Dacha Are Helping!" The player from Azerbaijan got to the 1/4 final of the FIDE World Cup - this is the main summary of the event for the local audiences. It's quite of an event for others as well since Shakriyar Mamedyarov's win over Fabiano Caruana is not that casual after all. 2015-09-22 more
Giri: "I Didn't Behave Myself During the Tiebreak..." Anish Giri is one of those rare participants of the World Cup who hasn't lost a single game throughout the competition including tiebreaks. As for the Polish GM, he had avoided tiebreaks at all prior to round 4. Their duel has been all the more interesting because both players had got married recently, with only several days difference (Wojtaszek on July 9, while Giri on July 18). This, however, didn't change the fact that one of them had to be eliminated. 2015-09-22 more