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World Cup: Nakamura Wins Armageddon, Appeal Nepomniachtchi Rejected GM Ian Nepomniachtchi appealed against GM Hikaru Nakamura's Armageddon victory in today's tiebreak at the FIDE World Cup, but it was rejected. The Russian GM claimed that his opponent had broken “the basic rules.” 2015-09-19 more
Mahir Mamedov: “It was easy to organize the World Cup as we had resources and infrastructure in place” A press-conference with the Tournament Director of the FIDE World Cup 2015 and Chess Olympiad 2016 Mahir Mamedov was held in the Fairmont Hotel. Speaking to Goran Urosevic, World Cup Press Officer, M. Mamedov shared his impressions about the tournament and provided some insight about the preparation for the event. 2015-09-19 more
Baku 3.TB: Nail biters! by Alejandro Ramirez 9/19/2015 – Another exciting round of tiebreaks. Several of today's matches actually finished during the rapid portion of the tiebreak. Andreikin got his sweet revenge on Kramnik, while MVL, Svidler, and Topalov passed. Le Quang Liem was unfortunate enough to mate himself against So. Adams and Dominguez went all the way to 5+3, where the Brit prevailed. Meanwhile Naka-Nepo ended in Armageddon! 2015-09-19 more
Jakovenko Beats Ivanchuk: "On the Eighth Day, You Just Play However You Can and See What Happens" (VIDEO) Dmitry Jakovenko defeated Vassily Ivanchuk in the return game of the 1/16 finals to advance to the next round. It's first time throughout the World Cup that he avoided the tiebreaks and thus got a rest day. 2015-09-19 more
Baku World Cup, 3.2: Unpredictable Alexander Grischuk, Vassily Ivanchuk and Peter Leko are all out of the 2015 World Cup, with the latter losing to Anish Giri despite a certain Magnus Carlsen having tipped that match to end in nine draws. None of the first day losers managed a comeback win, but apart from Giri there were also wins for Ding Liren, Wei Yi, Radek Wojtaszek and Dmitry Jakovenko. 2015-09-19 more
Pavel Eljanov On 6.0/6 At World Cup Pavel Eljanov also defeated Alexander Grischuk 2-0 and so the Ukrainian GM has started his FIDE World Cup in Baku with six straight victories. He gained 26 Elo points so far. 2015-09-18 more
Pavel Eljanov: "Grischuk Is One of My Most Uncomfortable Opponents" Only four games of the 1/16 final at the FIDE World Cup were decisive. Sergey Karjakin outplayed Yu Yangyi, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov defeated Sethuraman, victories were also celebrated by Fabiano Caruana and Pavel Eljanov over Anton Kovalyov and Alexander Grischuk respectively. 2015-09-18 more
Baku 3.2: Plenty of results Just a bit over half of the matches today finished in a victory for one of the players. The biggest name to go home is Grischuk, as he lost again to Eljanov. The Ukrainian now has an amazing 6-0 score in classical games in the World Cup! Ding Liren and Wei Yi are through and will guarantee a Chinese in the quarter finals... they play each other! 2015-09-18 more
Baku World Cup, 3.1: Grischuk's meltdown Alexander Grischuk’s time trouble brinkmanship may cost him his 2015 World Cup chances after he missed a win and lost to Pavel Eljanov with the white pieces. Elsewhere only Caruana, Mamedyarov and Karjakin managed to make their class tell, with a huge swathe of 12 often uneventful draws. The most curious was the last to finish, where top seed Veselin Topalov let an enormous advantage slip against Lu Shanglei. 2015-09-18 more