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To Surmount the Partition Sometimes I take the cab service London to get to the playing hall from my hotel. It is really Londonish, since a solid partition in the taxi seems to rule out usual chats between the driver and the passenger. "Perfect," I thought, occupying the spacious interior and ready to continue pondering over my own business. Well, it is naive to think that some partition can stop a chatty and emotional Caucasian driver from starting a conversation. He turns on the mic to tell something in his usual tone, while you should shout in reply in order to be heard. 2015-09-18 more
Sergey Karjakin: "I Walk For Almost Two Hours Every Day" GM Sergey Karjakin is one of the heroes of the second round of the FIDE World Cup. After losing his first classical game against Alexander Onischuk, Russian GM managed to take a revenge in the return game. Today he beat Onischuk on the tiebreak. 2015-09-17 more
Who Is Going To Call The Shots? How Adams and Laznicka endured the torture; who is watched by Potkin. Tiebreak in photos. It's been a while since Levon Aronian, once #2 in the world, has been considered a favourite in any elite competition. However, his confident win in St. Louis has restored his fans' hopes. At least the members of the group on our VKontakte page considered him the likely winner of the tournament in Baku. 2015-09-17 more
Baku World Cup, 2.3: Levon Aronian knocked out Sinquefield Cup winner Levon Aronian is out of the 2015 World Cup after a shock 3:1 defeat to Ukraine’s Alexander Areshchenko. That was the one real sensation of the Round 2 tiebreaks, but though 13 of 15 favourites won we saw some incredible action, with Wei Yi-Vovk and Adams-Laznicka turning into exhibitions of attacking chess. As in Round 1, the tiebreaks lasted six hours and went all the way to Armageddon before the 32 remaining World Cup players were known. 2015-09-17 more
Caruana, Eljanov, Karjakin, Mamedyarov Start With Wins At World Cup Fabiano Caruana, Pavel Eljanov, Sergey Karjakin and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov started with wins in the first game of round three at the FIDE World Cup in Baku. Before the World Cup, the players could choose between two hotels: the Fairmont, where the playing hall is, and the Holiday Inn. The tournament has now reached the third round, and there are no players left in the Holiday Inn! 2015-09-17 more
Baku 3.1: Couple of Miracles, Many draws 4/16 of the games today finished in decisive results, but a few of the games did see very tense drama unfold, especially close to time pressure. Lu Shanglei can count his lucky stars as he survived against Topalov basically down a piece. In Grischuk's topsy-turvy time trouble against Eljanov, it was complicated, then totally winning, then lost. And now he must win with black tomorrow to survive. 2015-09-17 more
Levon Aronian Ousted At FIDE World Cup On Wednesday, Sinquefield Cup winner Levon Aronian of Armenia was surprisingly ousted by Alexander Areshchenko of Ukraine in the round two tiebreak of the FIDE World Cup. 2015-09-16 more
Baku World Cup, 2.2: Karjakin and Adams hit back Fifteen players had to win on demand in Game 2 of Round 2 of the 2015 FIDE World Cup, but only three managed – Mickey Adams, Sergey Karjakin and Yuri Vovk, with the latter proving Wei Yi isn’t yet unstoppable. David Navara and Wang Hao were the biggest names who failed to recover from first day losses, while Pentala Harikrishna joined them in exiting the event after losing to his Indian compatriot S.P. Sethuraman. There’s lots of unfinished business, though, with no less than fifteen tiebreaks tomorrow! 2015-09-16 more
Baku 2.TB: Only two upsets It was a slugfest in many of the matches, and several were very close affairs, but at the end of the day out of the fifteen tiebreaks only two ended in victories for the underdog. Both Le Quang Liem (VIE) and Alexander Areschenko (UKR) triumphed over Nikita Vitiugov (RUS) and Levon Aronian (ARM) to go into round three. One of the matches made it all the way to Armageddon: Adams-Laznicka. 2015-09-16 more