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Baku World Cup, 2.1: Kramnik turns on beast mode Vladimir Kramnik provided the most memorable moment of the first games of Round 2 by grinding away in a drawn ending until Lazaro Bruzon cracked on move 113 of the last game to finish - although that wasn't quite the end of the story, as Jan Gustafsson explains! Before that the headlines were that Mickey Adams, Sergey Karjakin and David Navara will all have to win with White tomorrow after falling to lower-rated opponents, while the Chinese triumvirate of Lu Shanglei, Wei Yi and Ding Liren turned on the style. 2015-09-15 more
FIDE World Cup: Guseinov Defeats Navara Who Misevaluated the Position. "David Thought His Compensation Was Enough" The first games of the second round are over at the World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan. To the pleasure of the local audience, Gadir Guseinov defeated David Navara, whom he had never faced over the board before. 2015-09-15 more
The Accordion Method Has Failed FIDE World Cup: Kramnik beats Bruzon in round 2.1 and annotates the game. Kramnik - Bruzon encounter turned out to be the longest on the first playing day of the second round of the FIDE World Cup. The former World Champion managed to ultimately snatch a victory after six hours of fight. He then shared his impressions with Chess-News. 2015-09-15 more
Baku 2.2: Many tiebreaks Fifteen of the thirty-two matches played in round two of the World Cup in Baku resulted in 1.0-1.0 ties and will be going into tiebreaks tomorrow. Three more 2700s have been sent home: Lu Shanglei got rid of his compatriot Wang Hao by securing a draw today, Harikrishna blundered a piece against his teammate Sethuraman while Navara could not tie the series vs. Guseinov. Round two. 2015-09-15 more
Teimour Radjabov: "There Are No Weak Opponents in the World Cup" Four Azerbaijani GMs made it into the second round of the FIDE World Cup. Teimour Radjabov got his ticket on the tiebreak by beating Samuel Sevian in both rapid games. 2015-09-14 more
Masterly Domination, Unexpected Tiebreaks FIDE World Cup: dramas and conundrums of the second playing day 2015-09-14 more
FIRST LEGIONNAIRE After the first European Games Baku-2015, Azerbaijan will host another major competition next year. It is the Chess Olympiad to be held in our capital. We can already say that the upcoming Olympiad will be quite different from the previous ones by the number of participants, as the Chess Olympiad 2016 will be attended by about 200 teams (male and female). Ambitious teams are going to vie for a place on the podium. It is no secret that one of these teams is the home team of the tournament - Azerbaijan. 2015-09-14 more
THE PATH TO THE CHESS OLYMPIAD Baku is preparing to host yet another important sports competition - on September 10 the Chess World Cup begins. The event, which is one of the most important in the FIDE calendar, will continue until October 5. A total of 128 chess-players from 45 countries will come to the Azerbaijani capital, but only two finalists will receive the main prize - the chance to participate in a tournament of contestants for the world chess crown. Each match will consist of two games; if there is a tie, the winner will be determined by a tie-break. Only the final match will consist of four games. 2015-09-14 more
Baku World Cup, 1.3: Gelfand & Kasimdzhanov out Anton Kovalyov booked his flight home for tomorrow, but the Canadian grandmaster will have to stick around after beating 2004 World Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov in World Cup Round 1 tiebreaks. 2015-09-14 more