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Baku 2.1: Fights continue! Despite eight short draws in today's round the remaining games were full of excitement. The combination of the day was played by Ding Liren, but even some "quiet draws" like Hou Yifan-Mamedyarov were full of interest. We have seen a couple of heartbreakers in Baku, but nothing worse than Bruzon losing R+BvsR against Kramnik... ten moves away from a draw! 2015-09-14 more
Baku World Cup, 1.2: Statistics It’s all about statistics at this stage of the FIDE World Cup! After Day 2, 40 players have qualified for Round 2, 40 are out and the remaining 48 will fight for survival in 24 rapid tiebreaks on Sunday. Romance seemed dead on Saturday, with Mariya Muzychuk finally falling to Mickey Adams and Arthur Ssegwanyi admitting defeat against Giri. There were four comeback wins, though, including a brilliant attack by Moiseenko against Lu Shanglei (analysed by our very own Jan Gustafsson) and a miraculous 119-move escape for Leinier Dominguez. 2015-09-14 more
Baku 1.TB - One Armageddon, One big Surprise The big news of the day is definitely of the 18-year old Chilean prodigy, Cristobal Henrique Villagra, knocking out former World Cup winner Boris Gelfand in the tiebreakers. Another previous World Cup winner that will say good bye to Baku is Kasimdzhanov, who lost to Kovalyov. Only one match went to Armaggedon, as Sargissian barely edged out Bartel. 2015-09-13 more
Baku 1.2: Many tiebreaks 24 of the 64 matches in Baku will go to a tiebreaker tomorrow, starting with the rapid format. Only one 2700 has been eliminated so far (Ni Hua) and several have not secured their spot in the next round just yet. Classical chess eliminations saw few surprises, with two of the highest rated players knocked out being from America: Ray Robson and former World Cup winner Gata Kamsky. 2015-09-13 more
Baku World Cup, 1.1: Upsets and unlikely heroes The 2015 FIDE World Cup has begun! With 128 players in Round 1 we were guaranteed action, and while most of the big guns (Nakamura, Topalov, Caruana, Aronian, Kramnik…) got the wins expected of them, there was heroic resistance. 2015-09-12 more
Baku 1.1: Upsets here and there Things went mostly as predicted in Baku, as the majority of the top seeds cruised through their games while the middle seeds had many draws as they played players of similar calibre. Some of the major upsets were certainly by two Argentinians: Perez Ponsa beating Dominguez and Sandro Mareco over Ni Hua. Several top GMs were also held to a draw, including Giri, Gelfand, Grischuk and Adams. 2015-09-11 more
2015 World Chess Cup: Round #1 There were a number of rating upsets, but the one that was notable was the draw between Arthur Ssegwanyiand world #5 player Anish Giri of the Netherlands. This got almost no attention on chess websites, but it is certainly big news on the continent of Africa. The ChessBase story did not mention the Ugandan player. 2015-09-11 more
Chess World Cup draws big names to Azerbaijan The World Cup is for many grandmasters the most competitive and bitterly fought event of the year, with a first prize of $120,000 2015-09-11 more
World Cup starts today 9/11/2015 – The 2015 World Cup is upon us. Being hosted in the North Flame Tower (Fairmont Hotel) in Baku, the massive 128 player Knock Out event brings some of the best in the world, as well as qualifiers from every region of the globe. 2015-09-11 more