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Shakhriyar Mamedyarov:"On such day I am really grateful to all my supporters".

"First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone with with Gurban Bayram holiday. On such day I am really grateful to everyone supporting me" - Shakhriyar Mamedyarov started his press-conference immediately after the end of the second game of his match with Sergey Karjakin.

The game ended in a draw and Mamedyarov shared his impressions about it:"The problem was that yesterday I should have easily won, after losing such chance it was very hard for me to play today. Today I played quite unusually in the opening, it was a move prepared especially for the World Cup. Very quickly I understood that my position is not so good in reality, good thing is that my opponent did not had much time, so Sergey decided not to risk and we agreed for a draw".

Shakhriyar said that he played a lot of rapid games with Sergey Karjakin:"We played many games,probably, around 50 games, but this time it is a different rapid match as the importance of the games is very high. It should be very interesting tomorrow. Karjakin became the rapid chess world champion in 2012 and I managed to do so in 2013".

"Can we compare tiebreaks with the series of penalties in soccer?" - question was asked and Mamedyarov answered:"Yes, indeed, just in soccer you have 5 penalties,while here we play only two games.Not as many chances as in socces, there a team can lose 1:3 but then still win the penaltie series, here this is impossible. I think two rapid games for semifinals is very hard and not enough".

Mamedyarov also mentioned his fans:"Playing at home is always very hard, but not in this tournament. Of course, I cannot forget that I play in my home country,but, the main thing is that this time it is really different,I can really feel the support of many fans. I really try to do everything to meet their expectations. Every match can be the last one and opponents are all very strong. I try to win in every game".

Baku 2015 World Cup Press service.