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Opening Ceremony and players' meeting Players meeting. The players meeting will be held in the Fairmont Hotel, on the second floor, next to the playing hall. 2015-08-26 more
Pairings for the first round The last participant of the World Cup 2016 have been identified and the pairings are available now. Please, note that the players will be paired by rating principle so that number 1 by rating plays with number 128, number 2 with number 127 and etc. 2015-08-16 more
Chess Olympiad 2016 During her speech at the Closing Ceremony of the 1st European Games 2015-08-12 more
Accreditation for Press All press representatives wishing to obtain the accreditation for the World Chess Cup 2015 need to apply for the registration until 25th of August. 2015-08-11 more
Gadir Guseinov will take part in Baku World Cup 2015 International Grandmaster Gadir Guseinov will participate in the Baku World Cup 2015. The president of International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov accepted Azerbaijani Chess Federation's request, taking into consideration the achievements of international grandmaster (2 times European Champion in the national team of Azerbaijan (2009, 2013), as well as 2 times in the European Championships 2nd and 3rd places (2007, 2011)) for his participation in the Baku World Cup 2015 2015-07-11 more
World Cup Qualifiers & Player's contract FIDE is publishing the player's contract for the World Cup 2015 to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 10 September (player's technical meeting) to 5 October 2015 (tiebreaks/closing ceremony). The qualified players are expected to fax or email scanned the original document of their signed contract to the FIDE Secretariat's fax number +30 2109212859 or email no later than Friday 10 July 2015, 14:00 GMT. 2015-07-11 more